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Regalo del Oro
Bloodlines: Zillionair - Fighting Fit - Barachois
Registry: Jockey Club
Sex: Stallion
Height: 16.1hh
Regalo del Oro
Regalo is a very charismatic stallion who's personality shines as brightly as he does. He is often mistaken
for a Quarter Horse gelding due to his outstanding personality and rare colouring in the Thoroughbred
world. This unbeatable temperment makes him a complete joy to be around and great with people of all
ages. Regalo has given kids pony rides with and without tack, has had kids brush him while he was loose
in his stall and is very gentle when taking treats from little hands.

Regalo is a very intelligent horse as well, who catches onto things quickly and doesn't often make the
same mistake twice. Very willing partner who always focuses on his rider and never plays games under
saddle. We've tested this focus by putting him in lessons with mares and he's never wavered. Very
unflappable personality, not easily spooked and very sensible.

All this wrapped into a perfect golden package!