Name: Freestyle
Bloodlines: Florestan I - Parademarsch I - Perlkönig I
Height: 17hh
Freestyle was born in 1996 and is a beautiful 17hh stallion with an athletic body,
very well applied hindquarters and a super character. In 1998 at the Westfalenstallion
Licensing, Freestyle was named a PREMIUM stallion.At the 100 day Performance test
at Prussendorf he was awarded a perfect 10 for character and a 9 for temperament. In
dressage he proved to rank amongst the best of his year and received a 9.33 for
ridebility. His total score was 132.55 points. A truly versatile stallion Freestyle
obtained a 7th place finish in jumping with an 8 for jumping ability. Freestyle was the
overall winner of his performance test. Freestyle is a class 1 stallion based on his
results in his stallion performance test.

Freestyle is a son of the famous Rhinelander stallion Florestan I, who was champion
of the Rhineland approvals in 1998, and in 1989 he was champion of his
performance testing in Warendorf. Florestan I has produced famous stallions as
Fidermark, Florencio, Faveur, Fleurop, Furst Heinrich, Florestan I has taken the top
position in the FN breeding values for a number of years. Florestan I is famous for
producing performance horses with very high ridebility. In 2004 two Florestan I sons
won both the 5 and 6-year-old World Young Horse Dressage Championships in

Freestyle himself is out of the famous mare line through Paloma. Paloma and her 4
sisters received the award of the " Best Family of Hessen" for 4 years in a row. Paloma
has produced two approved stallions Freestyle and Flammengold, full brothers, and
she received an 8.1 for her mare-test. Her sister Patricia was in 1997 the best mare of
Hessen. The second full-sister Pretoria was the best 3-year-old mare of Hessen in
1999 and also received a score of 8,50 for her mare-test. The youngest sister
Primavera was 2nd at the mare show for 2 year olds at Asfeld. Grandmother, Geisha,
is a full sister of the dam of the world famous stallion Romadour II, sire of the
Olympic Gold Medallist Rembrandt with Nicole Uphoff. The dam-line of Freestyle
shows four State Premium mares on a row, Paloma, Pirocshka, Poxi and Geisha.


Furioso II


SPS Paloma

Parademarsch I
Paradox I

St. Pr. St. Piroshka
Perlkonig I