2016 News
July 2016

  • 24th - Much has happened over the course of the last several months. Facebook is
    still the best way to stay up to date on all the latest with SSM.        As per the usual,
    will start with the not so good news and end on a happier note. May was a month
    of losses here at SSM, starting with our highly anticipated Baloubet du Rouet x Miss-
    Cleopatra foal. Despite very early vet attention in a difficult birth, this special colt
    was already gone before the birthing process began. Devastated is an
    understatement - he looked super in type, with very long legs and dark
    colouring.         The loss of the colt was followed soon after by our beloved white
    shepherd Zeus, who took ill and we had to make the difficult decision, that awful
    last act of love that no pet owner wants to make.         But on to happier news - in
    the last hour of May, something good came our way. Onilia gave us a beautiful,
    healthy filly 19 days early. Just the pick me up we all needed. Lieren SSM is her
    name and she will be available to a competition home. Lieren is a full sibling to the
    sensational Hemmingway SSM and is every bit as nice as her brother.

April 2016

  • 7th - Well, the website has been terribly neglected thus far in 2016. Will make a
    more concentrated effort to update it a little more regularly, especially as foals
    arrive.  If you'd like to stay more current on events and happenings at SSM - please
    follow us on Facebook. Posts are made frequently, along with casual photos of the
    horses here!         2016 has been an extremely busy, but productive year and we
    are only a few months in! We are anxiously awaiting our first foal, due in just 25
    days. This is our super Baloubet du Rouet X Miss-Cleopatra foal, carried by
    surrogate mare Arwen. Extremely excited to meet this new addition. It has been fetal
    sexed a colt and will tentatively be offered to a top show home once born.         
    Our super Chin Chin mare, Geneva P, will not be bred this year as many of her
    fans had hoped. She will be focusing on a solid start in sport after having the entire
    winter off to grow more and relax. We will look at doing an ET in 2017 and are
    open to custom foals for clients with this future super star.         Stallion choice for
    our dressage mare, Onilia, is set and we are very thrilled to be doing another
    repeat. Keep your eyes here in the news section and also on FB for the sire
    announcement once she's confirmed in foal with a heartbeat. We are still anxiously
    awaiting her Uphill foal due in 73 days. This will be a full sibling to the stunning
    and already very successful Hemmingway SSM. Regardless of gender, this special
    foal will be offered for sale to a show home.          Last, but certainly not least,
    resident "black beauty" Garrick SSM is coming along well in his under saddle
    education. We've taken the slow and steady route with this big, talented guy and
    it's certainly paying off. We will post some updated photos later this summer once
    he's shed out. Check out facebook for some current casual ones of him though!