2015 News
September 2015

  • 3rd - Happy September everyone! It is sure shaping up to be a super month
    for SSM already. Home bred dressage mare Flemmiro SSM (Flemmingh x
    Ferro) attended the Timbach Farms keuring in Indiana, and achieved her ster
    predicate. We are thrilled, that's 2 great predicates for Flair in a week! Once
    she's had more time and development under saddle, we will try her for her
    keur predicate. The jury had nice comments to say about her and wishes to
    see her again next year when she's more educated and fit. Crossing fingers
    next year we can say she's an Elite (keur + prok) mare! Thank you again to
    EnGaged Dressage for believing in this mare, our breeding program and
    developing Flair to her full potential!         We have now got a confirmed
    heartbeat for our 2016 dressage foal, so are happy to announce our flagship
    mare Onilia, is back in foal to Uphill! We were so impressed with her
    phenomenal 2012 colt Hemmingway SSM (USDF 2014 #1 2 year old
    KWPN), we just needed to do a repeat breeding. This special foal will be
    available to a performance home. Inquire for details!        Garrick SSM and
    Geneva P are both in the finals weeks of preparation for their keuring
    September 15 at the wonderful Bosch Farm in Red Deer. Garrick will be
    participating in the Claybrook Farm Cup and Geneva completing her
    studbook inspection as well as the CBF Cup.         This morning we got
    some SUPER news on Hemmingway SSM. Due to a lack of sport horse/breed
    classes offered this year in Texas, he just went to his first show last weekend.
    And what a first show for the season it was for him! He was champion 3 year
    old in the qualifier class and Reserve Champion in the championship colt
    class! Topping it all off he was top scoring KWPN colt with 77.2%! What a
    horse! Very proud breeder moment and so thankful to his owner, Donna, for
    believing in this colt from a young age and truly bringing out the very best in
    him! He is definitely one to watch!

August 2015

  • 23rd - We received some super news, our Home bred mare Flemmiro SSM
    (Flemmingh x Ferro) has achieved her PROK predicate through the KWPN.
    This predicate is given when a horse has clean radiographs, judged to the
    standard the stallion approval rads are held. Very happy with this. She will
    be doing her IBOP test at the Indiana keuring in a week and we are hoping
    for a great result there as well. Big thank you to Kelly Gage of EnGaged
    Dressage for her phenomenal stewardship and training of this stunning
    mare.         Our lovely Geneva P (Chin Chin x Ahorn) is progressing well in
    her training and is proving to be a sensitive and willing partner with a great
    aptitude for jumping!         Garrick SSM continues to  exceed expectations
    as he's gone into training. Really couldn't be more impressed with this young
    stallion's super temperament, athleticism and intelligence. He's so easy to
    work with, wants to get it right and gives you his best every time. Certainly
    doesn't hurt that everyday he looks more and more like his phenomenal sire
    Judgement ISF!         Garrick's half sibling expected for 2016, a fetal sexed
    colt by Baloubet du Rouet, will now officially be offered on a colt option
    contract. This will be to a select performance home.

  • 10th - Our lovely Miss-Cleopatra (sport/keur) and her beautiful recipient mare
    are now home in Alberta. We were excited when this Baloubet du Rouet
    pregnancy was just a somewhat surreal little black dot photos from Dr. Beck
    in California. But now that the mares are home, it's so much more tangible
    and it's real.  Beyond thrilled to be able to look out and see this lovely black
    recip, knowing we have another special Cleo foal on the way. We did fetal
    sex this foal, and it is a colt! As we have retained the half brother, Garrick
    SSM, and will be trying for a full sibling next year (hopefully a filly) - this
    really special colt will be offered to a top show home. Utmost importance for
    a quality home that will develop this special boy to his full potential. World
    class and Grand Prix are written all over this cross.                 We are also
    now offering our wonderful dressage colt, Justus SSM, for sale again. His first
    sale fell through and we have been waiting to see how he develops before
    listing him again. He's available only to a long term show home for a special
    mid-high 4 figure price. Please email us at sunshinemeadows@gmail.com for
    more details.

July 2015

  • 15th - The wait is over! We are thrilled to announce that we are expecting a
    Baloubet du Rouet X Miss-Cleopatra sport/keur foal for 2016! The excitement
    around this foal could not be higher and this will prove to be the longest
    wait for a foal. This sensational foal will be a half sibling to our stunning
    young stallion Garrick SSM and will no doubt be every bit as special. This
    foal would not be possible without the amazing work of top ICSI vet, Dr.
    Beck and his team at In Foal Inc down in Hemet, California. I am forever
    grateful to them for making such an expensive and stressful endeavour, so
    much more comfortable. They answered my endless questions, actually
    allowed me (as timing worked out) to watch the first aspiration on Cleo so I
    could get a first hand experience of what they were explaining, and being
    such amazing communicators. Through the whole process I've known
    exactly what was happening and when. And they're always happy to answer
    any questions. It's made having this special mare, so far from home, so much
    easier. Now crossing fingers we get a special, keeper filly from this

June 2015

  • 23rd -It's been a long while since the website got an update, so my
    apologies! Failed New Years resolution - but our Facebook page is much
    more active and does have frequent updates! So tune into us there. But it's
    been a week full of fantastic news, so a much needed updated is due.       
    Lots has been happening since January, Flemmiro SSM officially moved
    down to Kentucky with new owners Team EnGaged Dressage and rider Kelly
    Gage. She's going very well under saddle and we are extremely impressed
    with how Kelly and her team have been bringing Flair along. Lots of
    emphasis on moving at her pace both physically and mentally - with focus
    on longevity in upper level sport. Flair recently went to her first schooling
    show, where she performed her first ever dressage test and came away with a
    score of 70.5% which we are thrilled about for a first performance with little
    over 30 rides under saddle. She's proving to be not only the talent we knew
    she would be, but also incredibly trainable with the super super work ethic
    her dam Onilia has. Some new photos will be posted on Flair's page.         
    Our lovely Geneva P was sent out for 30 days to get her basics under saddle
    with the amazing Samantha Pritchard of Elation Equine - we were very leery
    to send Geneva out as she's a sensitive personality and we wanted to ensure
    it was done right. Samantha came highly recommended to us from a fellow
    breeder and could not be happier with the results! If you're looking for
    someone to put a great start on your horse in Alberta, Samantha is 100%
    worth the drive to beautiful Cochrane. Geneva did her initial 30 days and is
    proving to be the sensitive horse we knew she was but talented and willing.
    We brought her home for a month off to process her initial training and she's
    now back at Elation Equine where she'll remain in training for the September
    15, 2015 keuring. Hoping to get some current photos done here later this
    summer. She was also bred earlier this month and confirmed yesterday we
    had an extremely exciting pregnancy! We won't announce the sire until after
    she's safely past 60 days, but this exceptional foal will be offered for sale
    regardless of gender.         Back in May we hauled Miss-Cleopatra down to
    southern California to InFoal Inc. This has been a year and a half in the
    making, doing the research and weighing pros and cons of 1) the procedure
    and 2) each individual veterinarian. Dr. Beck and his team had great reviews
    and had a fellow breeder who raved about him, his team and the care her
    mares had while at his clinic. Oh, and of course the success she had had
    with his clinic as well! After a couple phone calls and emails, Miss-Cleo
    made the long trip down and we are so pleased to say the risk has paid off -
    and more quickly than we ever imagined given her age! After a 4 year wait
    and at 21 years of age - we are cautiously optimistic that 2016 will give us
    another very special Cleo foal!!! Thrilled does not come close to describing
    the feelings and excitement around this foal. Once the recipient mare is
    safely at 45 days we will make the announcement official, but it's far too
    exciting not to share as we have a 26 day embryo now with a heartbeat.
    Truly amazing as mares her age can be tricky, even with ICSI and Dr. Beck
    managed to achieve this pregnancy after only 2 aspirations! Forever grateful
    to him and his team for making this dream a reality. A filly from this
    outstanding cross will be retained but a colt will be for sale to a very select
    upper level performance home. While Cleo is still in California, we are open
    to doing a custom ICSI foal, so please get in touch with us if you would be
    interested in adding your own special Cleo baby to your program. The sire
    options are truly limitless with ICSI.         We've been bringing Cleo's lovely
    Judgement ISF colt, Garrick SSM, along slowly - so he's just getting going this
    summer now that he's developmentally ready. Really couldn't be happier
    with this colt, not only is he conformationally correct but gives you such a
    great feeling when you're working him. He's attentive, easy and really wants
    to please. This past weekend we had the opportunity to learn from a well
    respected and decorated handler, Phil Silva, at an in-hand clinic hosted by
    the CWHBA. Big thank you to CWHBA for organizing this clinic and to Phil
    Silva for coming to Alberta! Garrick handled his first trip off the farm
    extremely well and we are continually impressed with his temperament and
    willingness to learn. There are photos from the clinic on our Facebook
    page.         Our flagship mare Onilia will be bred in the next few days, so
    lots of fertile thoughts for her and we are excited to be repeating a cross that
    really produced an amazing foal. Stay tuned to find out which repeat we are
    doing!         In the next week or so, we hopefully will also have a big
    announcement where Justus SSM is concerned and we are truly thrilled!
    Here is to "Summer resolutions" and keeping this website UTD again!

January 2015

  • 4th - Happy New Year!! Wow, 2015 already. I can't say I'm entirely sad to
    say goodbye to 2014 but I do appreciate the lessons it taught - and I'm
    excited to put them to use this coming year. Many big plans in the works, so
    stay tuned.                 As for updates, if you're following us on Facebook,
    we had a wonderful mini photo session with Garrick SSM for Christmas. We
    hope Santa was as good to everyone else as he was to us! Geneva has
    blossomed into a wonderful 3 year old and is now standing an impressive
    17.1hh if our tape is right! She is going to be started under saddle at the end
    of the month, and we can't wait to see how this goes. We will keep everyone