2013 News
September 2013

  • 28th - Well as with everything in life, there are silver linings to everything if
    you look hard enough. With the passing of our lovely Isabeau SSM, the KWPN-
    NA office allowed a change in entry for the keuring, and I was able to last
    minute enter our beloved mare Miss-Cleopatra into the keur confirmation class.
    She was quite out of shape due to the lack of preparation time and given her
    age could not put her into consistent light work all at once. But given her
    performance history I had to take one more chance that she might gain her
    keur status. I am so elated to report back, that at the ripe age of 19, Miss-
    Cleopatra is officially a KEUR mare! My excitement cannot be conveyed in
    words and I thank the jury for their kind comments. Cleo was one of the
    featured horses on the Report from the Road. It was certainly a perfect way to
    end off what has been a less than ideal season.

August 2013

  • 23rd - A lot has been happening, some great highs and some terrible lows. So I
    will start with the lows, as I hate to end on a sad note. Our wonderful mare
    Onilia really outdid herself this year, producing what I feel is her best foal to
    date, Isabeau SSM by Johnson. This is a cross I've been dreaming of for a while
    and was over the moon to see how it would turn out ... to say I had high
    expectations would be an understatement. I was thankful when I was
    approached by a super, super show home for the in-utero contract as I knew
    this one would otherwise be impossible to let go. Sure enough, when Isabeau
    SSM finally made her appearance into the world at 5:30am Friday August 9th,
    she was even better than expected and her future was looking sensational.
    Unfortunately she took sick very suddenly at night check on Sunday - despite
    immediate veterinary attention and a hopeful outlook when I left her, she took
    a turn for the worse at 6am and we lost her. Devastating and heartbreaking
    don't begin to cover this tragic side of breeding. Our heartfelt condolences go
    out to her would-be owner.         But onto the more positive! Our stallion
    Regalo del Oro has produced 3 sensational foals, all colts, this year and we are
    just thrilled. They are all very correct and large with good bone. Photos will be
    on his page. We have also confirmed our fabulous jumper mare Unusuale
    safely past 30 days in foal to the sensational stallion Quasimodo van de
    Molendreef! Very excited about this cross, it will be available for sale once on
    the ground; currently taking a waiting list.

March 2013

  • 29th - Sincere apologies for the lack of updates on the website here, for all the
    day to day updates and to hear things happening around SSM, please follow
    our Facebook page! But to update everyone who follows along here and for
    those who aren't on facebook, it's been a busy few months and very exciting.
    Despite a late (and rather brutal) snow storm, spring seems to (hopefully) be
    coming and that means breeding season is just around the corner for us! Have
    several very exciting crosses planned that will be announced as they happen
    and hopefully as we have mares confirmed in foal. If anyone is interested in a
    custom foal, please contact us soon as stallion contracts and such will soon be
    finalized and put into place. We would be happy to discuss options with you.
    And last but certainly not least, it is with much excitement that we announce
    Hemmingway SSM has been officially sold for a while now. He will be making
    the long trip to Texas and a wonderful, top quality competitive home where
    we can't wait to see him develop. Though lucky for us he'll get to stay the
    summer so you can all look forward to seeing him develop a little more.

January 2013

  • 1st - Happy New Year to all! And what an exciting year it's shaping up to be!
    Looking forward to the breeding and foaling season as well as starting
    Flemmrio SSM under saddle. Stay tuned as we will keep everyone posted with
    regular updates.