2012 News
December 2012

  • 25th - Vrolijk kerstfeest and Merry Christmas to everyone!! Santa came a little
    early to SSM in the addition of Unusuale (Corland X Olympic Ahorn) to our
    breeding program. We are very excited to have her here and look forward to
    her future foals!

November 2012

  • 6th - Great new video of our 2012 Uphill colt, Hemmingway SSM, added!
    Thank you once again to Stephen Forbes for such a great video, certainly
    shows off the best of this fabulous colt! Hemmingway SSM is offered for sale to
    high quality show home, we will work with you to make him part of your team.
    His 2013 half sibling by Johnson is now under contract in-utero! Get this
    fabulous youngster while he's still available!

October 2012

  • 5th - We have added some new photos of our 2012 Uphill colt, Hemmingway
    SSM who is a very charismatic fellow along with talented! As well as our
    beautiful Flemmingh filly Flemmiro SSM who we have retained to start under
    saddle in the spring of 2013! And we are now offering the half sibling to both
    these stunning horses, due 2013 by the amazing stallion Johnson, for sale in-

September 2012

  • 26th - We are very happy to 'officially' announce that our wonderful Olympic
    Ferro mare, Onilia, is confirmed safely in foal to Johnson for 2013!!! We are just
    ecstatic about this cross and cannot wait for this foal.

August 2012

  • 31st - Today we said goodbye to Dunavar to a fantastic new home in Alaska!
    Wishing him and his new owner Linda all the success in the world together!
    We've also heard from Lise who now owns Laika and her 2011 foal Gewel
    SSM, that Laika is confirmed in foal for 2013; very excited for Lise!!

  • 29th - New video added to Flemmiro SSM's page! Thank you to Stephen
    Forbes, of Forbes Dressage for such a wonderful video!

July 2012

  • 8th - Our wonderful Uphill X Ferro foal finally has arrived! He is a stunning colt
    and is offered for sale. Hemmingway SSM is even more than we had expected
    from this exceptional cross. New photos to be added shortly.

June 2012

May 2012

  • 3rd - SunShine Meadows finally publishes their website and is available with
    current sales lists, breeding plans and foaling updates online!